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Trying Out A New Hair Colour? Here's What You Should Ask Your Hairdresser When You Visit Wigs & Warpaint Salon In Sheffield

There's nothing quite like a hair colour makeover to boost your confidence. Whether you are wanting a bold hair colour change, a flattering balayage or a few subtle highlights - the team expert hair colour technicians at Wigs & Warpaint are here to create the perfect look for you!

But before you take the plunge, why not check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions about hair colour below...

Which Hair Colour Will Suit Me Best?

The team of hair colour experts at Wigs & Warpaint can help you find the hair colour of your dreams (that is perfectly suited to you!). To begin, your stylist will consider lots of factors including your skin tone and eye colour to ensure the most flattering match for you.


How Do I Explain To My Stylist What Hair Colour I Want?

If you have a specific hair colour in mind, then your best option is to show your Wigs & Warpaint colourist a photo on your phone. If that is not possible, don't worry! During your free consultation, we will ask you the right questions and show you some colour samples to help us work it out together.


What Is A Patch Test & Why Do I Need One?

If you haven't had a colour service with us before or it's been more than six months since your last visit, then we will need to carry out a patch test 48 hours prior to your service. This will only take a few moments of your time and is essential if you're having a colour to avoid a nasty reaction, albiet rare. After we have performed a skin test, we will be able to book your colour service appointment. 

What’s The Difference Between Highlights and Balayage?

This question comes up quite a lot at our Sheffield salon - so let's explain a little more about the difference between balayage and highlights. 

With a full head of highlights, we carefully select strands of hair evenly across the head, cover these in hair colour and wrap them in aluminium foil to help the colour to develop. This structured approach results in a very natural lighter look or a dramatic look, depending on the intensity of the highlights you choose.  

Balayage highlights are usually hand-painted in vertical sections throughout your hair, creating a natural sun-kissed look. Your colourist will blend different shades which is slightly darker towards your roots.  This means there will be a less obvious root regrowth when your hair begins to grow again.


How Much Will My Hair Colour Service Cost? 

Wigs & Warpaints stylists have different skill levels and are graded according to the amount of experience & expertise they have had in the hairdressing industry i.e Graduate Stylist who would be fresh to the salon floor would of course be less costly than a Senior Stylist who will have lots of industry knowledge. You can view our price list for ladies here.

Can I Go From Brunette To Blonde?

Yes - but you should know that a big hair colour transformation such as this takes lots of skill, experience and time and you will most likely need to book in for two or more appointments. Before we transform your tresses, we will assess the condition of your hair to make sure it is healthy enough to cope with a massive colour change such as this. 


Do You Offer Pastel Hair Colours & Vibrant Fashion Shades? 

Absolutely! We are known for creating beautifully vibrant, show-stopping hair colours at Wigs & Warpaint in Sheffield. We can create pastel hair shades such as pretty pinks, lilacs and blues, as well as vibrant oranges, reds, greens and magentas - you name it!



I'm Ready! How Do I Book My Hair Colour Transformation At Wigs & Warpaint Salon in Sheffield?

Whether you want balayage, babylights, or a platinum blonde hair colour, make sure to book an appointment with the best hairdressers in Sheffield! Give our friendly team a call on 0114 270 0336 or book online today.