The Best Hair Extensions in Sheffield at Wigs & Warpaint

Hair extensions are not only the perfect way to create long, beautiful locks but are also a brilliant solution for adding volume to fine hair, allowing you to experiment with different hair colours, or adapt your hairstyle to suit a current hair trend such as the Lob.

We are the hair extensions specialists in Sheffield.

Why Visit Wigs & Warpaint To Have Your Hair Extensions Fitted?

hair extensionsHair extensions are a particular specialism at our award-winning salon in Sheffield. Our clients love to adapt their hairstyles regularly, and hair extensions of the very best quality enable them to do this without any damage to their hair.

You can expect all the hair products used at our hair salon in Sheffield to be from high end hair brands that share our passion for beautiful, well maintained, natural looking and healthy hair. 

The hair extension service that we offer at Wigs & Warpaint is suitable for all hair lengths. Discover some of the brands we work with below.

What To Consider When Choosing Hair Extensions

At Wigs & Warpaint, we value the condition and health of your hair, and will always offer our professional opinion on how suitable extensions are for your own individual hair type, the amount that you should have, as well as giving lots of all important maintenance advice for afterwards. Hair extensions are bespoke to each individual, and prices therefore vary dependent on your natural hair. Some common questions we would need to ask prior to fitting are below;

  • How fine or thick is your own hair?
  • How short or long?
  • Which hair type of application method would you like/is best for your individual hair type?
  • Which hair type/price level of hair?


We are proud stockists of BeautyWorks hair extensions – a well established hair extension brand, popular with celebrities and hairdressers alike.

BeautyWorks hair extensions are a great choice, with exceptional quality and the finest selections of human hair. Their vast range of colours (including the ever popular ombre/balayage look) and range of lengths ensures that there will always be a perfect match for you – no matter what look you desire! 

Made from 100% Remy human hair, these top quality hair extensions can be styled however you wish, be that curly or straight.


Racoon International 

Founded in 1995, Racoon International is the premier supplier of high quality and ethically sourced human hair extensions to salons, session stylists an global partners. Racoon’s multi award-winning, reusable, hair extensions and aftercare products are both safe, fully ethical and has achieved the British Standards Institute ISO 9001 accreditation for quality (BSI Kite mark).

At Wigs & Warpaint we have fully accredited stylists, who are permitted to apply Racoon International Bonded and Mirco Weft hair extensions. In addition to this, we are Sheffield’s only training centre for Racoon Hair Extensions. This reinforces our commitment and confidence in the quality of the product and ethics.

Our supplier has over 60 years of sourcing hair and work to strict guidelines to ensure the hair is of the highest standard. All human hair supplied to us is root point correct and cuticle intact, ensuring that it won’t tangle, lose its lustre and will perform in the same way as your own hair. If you are interested in Racoon extensions, please book in for a free consultation today. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Weave-In Hair Extensions

Weave-In hair extensions are fantastic for instantly creating extra length and thickness and are exclusive to Wigs & Warpaint in Sheffield. 

The extensions are joined to your natural hair with the aid of a micro ring. The rings are positioned closed to your scalp, clamped around your natural hair. The weft (hair) is then sewn to the micro ring. This technique means you can pull your hair into a ponytail without seeing any tracks, bumps or lumps. Your weave will need tightening every six to eight weeks. With the proper maintenance and care, your Weave-In can last up to four months. Your weaves will grow with your hair, retaining a natural look.