Wigs & Warpaint - The Number One Hair Colour Expert Salon in Sheffield!

Hair ColourWhether you want to go for a daring new look, a bang-on-trend balayage or a simple root touch up, the dedicated colour technicians at Wigs & Warpaint offer a wide range of hair colour services and application techniques tailored to your individual hair needs.

The team of professionally trained hair colour technicians at our Sheffield Hair Salon love nothing more than working with clients to achieve beautiful hair colours.

We are committed to staff training and development, and all our staff frequently attend seminars and courses. Over the years Claire has been on numerous art teams such as, the Inspire Art team for the federation of British hairdressers, Wella guest stylist, Schwarzkopf colour expert, and is currently a Redken Artist.

We recommend booking in for a free hair colour consultation with one of our expert hairdressers before colouring. We like to establish a relationship with our clients, allowing us to discuss the various hair colours you like, which hair colours will suit your skin tone.

We will also discuss the hair colouring application methods we use to achieve your desired hair colour. Our hair colouring process is uniquely tailored to you, taking into account your lifestyle and personality, ensuring that you have the best overall hair colour experience possible.

PLEASE NOTE: All foil highlight and lowlight hair colour treatments at Wigs & Warpaint are available in permanent, semi-permanent or partial colouring options. Prices for hair colour services DO NOT include cut or finish.

Our Colour Work

Full Head Hair Colour

Thinking of undergoing a dramatic colour change? Perhaps a vibrant copper, a sultry deep red, or a rich chocolate brown? Or maybe you want to try out the latest hair trend? Our team of professional colour technicians can make it happen! Opting for a colour change isn't an easy decision to make, and that is where our team of highly experienced staff come in. We will give you a professional consultation and the best advice needed, taking into account important factors such as face shape, skin tone and hair condition. When it comes to full head hair colour, Redken provides improved long lasting colour, high shine and conditioning compared to other products - guaranteeing satisfaction every time.

Lowlights/Highlights And Foils

Arguably the most popular hair colour technique are foil highlights and lowlights. Applying foil highlights/lowlights is a way of adding multiple tones and shades to your hair colour, as well as creating more depth. Combining different hair colours is also a fantastic way of developing your own unique look and delivering stunning results in the process. During the highlights and lowlights hair colouring process, foil highlights can be woven or sliced into the hair. Sections of the hair can be coloured alternatively at random to achieve your desired hair colour. The foil highlight and lowlight technique allows your Wigs & Warpaint hair stylist to add in as many colours as you wish. Your hair can be bold or as natural as you like. We offer several different hair colouring services involving foils;

Full Head Foils - Foil highlights or lowlights are placed throughout the whole head of hair for a full multi tonal, multidimensional colour. If you want full head coverage or you often wear your hair up then this is the highlighted hair colour choice for you.

Partial or Half Head Foils - Foil highlights are positioned throughout half the head area or one particular area for this highlight and lowlight hair colour technique.


Every once in a while, a hair trend comes along that doesn't seem to go away - the Balayage hair colour trend being a prime example! At Wigs & Warpaint, we simply can't get enough of this popular hair colour technique. It can be seen on catwalks, hair shows and celebrities alike, and this cool, sophisticated look is a fantastic way of adding depth to your hair colour.


We also offer a regrowth touch up service, allowing you to maintain your beautiful hair colour and refresh your look. Re-growth of your natural colour or the appearance of unwanted grey hairs can make your hair look tired, washed out and unkempt. In order to keep your hair colour looking at it’s best it is vitally important to keep it regularly maintained with such root touch-ups and regrowth treatments. Here at Wigs & Warpaint, we advise having your re-growth touched up every 4-6 weeks to maintain your hair colour and keep it looking fresh.

Hair Colour Correction

Unfortunately colouring your hair doesn't always go to plan, hair ends up orange instead of blonde, green instead of brunette? These hair disasters do happen! Thankfully our staff is fully trained in the art of colour correction. They will do what is needed to help you get back to your planned colour and give advice on how to maintain your hairs health through hair colour treatments. Read more on our fantastic Hair Colour Correction Service here.