Get Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair For Summer

Why You Need To Try The Keratin Revolution Treatment at Wigs & Warpaint Salon In Sheffield

As the days get warmer, the sun, heat and humidity can reek havoc on our hair. To protect your locks from frizz this summer, we recommend our Keratin Revolution treatment, available now at our award-winning hairdressing salon in Sheffield.

The perfect pre-summer or holiday service to keep your locks frizz-free, this miracle treatment delivers sleek, more manageable hair - with up to 70% reduction to your blow drying time! Keratin treatments which are infused with high quality proteins repair the broken cuticles, creating hair thats smoother and less prone to frizzing out.

Check out one of our latest before and afters below, created by Chief Wig, Claire Flack... 

Hair Smoothing That Is Suitable For ALL Hair Types!

Plus, if you want to keep your curly or wavy locks, our Keratin treatment can help smoothen without losing your texture. The Keratin Revolution system allows for complete versatility of style - so you can create a super sleek and straight style or you can go for a more volumised bouncy blow-dry finish - maybe even curls. Whatever your choice, your hair will be much more manageable and will cause you so much less stress. Think of it as having a great hair day - everyday!

Prices start from £160. Click here to find out more about Keratin Revolution at Wigs & Warpaint.