Curly Hair? We’ve Got You Covered…

Curly Hair? Weve Got You Covered...

The Home of the Curly Hair Specialists – Wigs & Warpaint Salon in Sheffield 

Whether it’s getting your hair permed, learning how to style your natural curls, or finding out the best techniques and products to use on your curly locks – we’ve got you covered.

Our team are experts in all things curly hair, headed up by Super Stylist and Wigs & Warpaint founder, Claire Flack.

Perfect curls are our absolute fave – but achieving them can be much harder than it looks. Here, we put your most commonly asked curly hair questions to our resident curly hair expert, so you can get good curl days, every day…

curly hair experts SheffieldHow Should I Wash My Hair To Get The Most Out Of My Curls?

When washing your curly hair, it all depends on how you want your end result to look, and take into consideration your hair texture and needs. So, you need to approach your hair like this…

If you are wanting to eliminate frizz and enhance the curl I would use Redken Frizz dismiss shampoo & conditioner, making sure to massage just the scalp area not knotting the hair.

A Redken heat cure treatment would be great if you want an in-salon treatment, this takes around 30 mins in total to apply and take. It has beeswax in to smooth and condition feeling the results for weeks after!  

Curly Hair SOS – How Do I Get More Volume at My Roots?

If you are wanting lift volume at the roots, your shampoo you are using could be too heavy – so try Redken Curveaous shampoo to bring back the bounce. Or for more volume, use Pureology Volume shampoo and conditioner (suitable for vegans!).

Then to style, use Guts spray mousse at the roots then follow with Full Swirl for mid-lenghts, twisting the hair whilst applying the product, then scrunching it together /  holding in your hand scrunched for 5 seconds. 

Lastly, I would use a diffuser – I love the Dyson. It’s amazing and really helps in stopping the frizz when drying!
Once dry, use Cool Shot to set and scrunch Redken Wax Blast into set.