What Is a Reverse Balayage?

Everything You Need To Know About Reverse Balayage at Wigs & Warpaint Salon in Sheffield

You've heard of Balayage, but did you know that there's a fresh spin on this iconic technique? Dubbed 'Reverse Balayage', this low-maintenance technique uses darker shades and lowlights to infuse more depth into hair for a stunning result.

So, if you’re wondering what 'Reverse Balayage' is and how your Wigs & Warpaint hair colourist achieves it - keep scrolling for everything you need to know before trying this gorgeous hair trend!

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So, What Is Reverse Balayage?

Reverse balayage enables your Wigs & Warpaint colourist to use dark colours to add lowlights to your strands, bringing depth to your hue. If your blonde balayage has become too bright or brassy, reverse balayage can tone it down while keeping the depth and dimension you’ve grown to love!

Balayage vs Reverse Balayage - What's The Difference?

Whilst both techniques feature the same hand-painted process to create natural-looking highlights, traditional balayage involves painting your strands with lighter shades. Reverse balayage, on the other hand, will reintroduce darker & deeper shades into your hair.

Another key difference between the two popular methods is where the colour is applied. Balayage tends to focus on the top layers of your hair, whereas reverse balayage blends into the under-layers of strands for a contrasted, lived-in look.

Is Reverse Balayage Low-Maintenance?

Yes. Because the colours are typically closer to your natural shade, it’ll be even less noticeable when your hair grows - meaning you will need less root touch-ups. If you’re a natural brunette who’s spent years lightening your strands, chance are that your hair may need a break from bleach. It's a win win!

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